Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Garden Shed Reno

Recently, my brother and I did a little reno on the back garden shed. We live in a very small house & with 2 small children sharing a bedroom there is just not any room for additional toys in the house. We had a shed in the garden that was full to the brim of well, crap. It was a scary space, full of spiders and horrible things.  So many people had said to me ' why not turn this into a play room?'. I always nodded and said ' what a great idea!' but I was very doubtful this would ever happen. Until one day, my baby brother and his partner happily became pregnant with their third child and I bribed them with lots of yummy second hand baby stuff to get him to come and do the work for me! Oh, the benefits of having a handy brother.  He did such an amazing job that is was all over in 6 hours. It cost me only $100 ( for black board paint, a few rollers and brushes, an extension cord and 2 plastic stools). I had some carpet off cuts ready to go in, but when we pulled up the manky carpet we discovered wonderful, polished floor board. Yes,  in a garden shed! The kids love their new ' house' and I have since made curtains and we have added a few cute pictures to the walls.

 I must admit when it was finished, I did entertain ( for a millisecond) the idea of keeping it all for myself as a studio. It didn't happen, and now all the toys are moved in and it is a very funky space. 

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