Friday, 26 April 2013

It is Magic!

I have been nervous about implementing the 1,2,3 Magic system. I've been paying very close attention to my disciplining actions and I have discovered I talk too much! ( really???? I hear you say ;)) . Two year olds are unable to cope with all the chatter, explanation and emotion. Apparently. I didn't really believe this when it was bought up during the class, however, I have discovered they are right, of course. Today was my first try of the 1,2,3 system. Miss L wanted to play with my camera and I said no, it's Mummy's special camera and put it on top of the bookcase. Two minutes later I head back up the hallway only to see her half way up the bookcase, trying to reach the camera. I said ' that's 1'. She just looked at me and keep climbing, 5 seconds later ' that's 2' , she continued. 5 more seconds and I calmly & firmly said ' that's 3, time out' I picked her up ( she started screaming) and put her in her bedroom for 2 minutes ( 1 minute per year of age) . She cried for the first minute, then I heard chatter for the second minute. After the two minutes passed, I opened the door and she was standing there with a smile and a book. She said ' Lily happy! Caterpillar?' And handed me The Very Hungary Caterpillar to read. No discussion required, issue over. Normally this would require many ' lily get downs and putting her in the floor, only for her to climb up again and a huge fight breaking out! I must say, so far, I'm impressed! Watch this space.....


  1. Sounds sooo simple, BJ! might give it a go myself! one can only hope.....
    keep up the blogging- i'm enjoying it so far!- Kylie

    1. Thanks Kylie! It is being run by the community house in Chigwell. That is the most amazing place. I love hanging out there, I think I am a bit of a groupie :-)

  2. We use this program too for our 8 & 10 yo, it works really well for our family

  3. I like the idea of 1,2,3 Magic. I look forward to following your blog to see how it works out for you, and everything else you have to share.

  4. Thank you! I have the final day of the course this week and the DVDs are on the way, I'll keep you posted :)