Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers Day, Bittersweet for some

Well more sweet than bitter these days, thank god.

My Mum, in the 1950's

Each year Mothers Days looms down like a dark cloud on each of us that no longer have a Mum to celebrate it with. Similarly for those Mummy's that no longer have their children with them.
We battle our grief year round and it is at a pinnacle on Mothers Day. It is unavoidable. Promoted on TV, radio, catalogues, Internet & of course social media goes crazy. You look for the darkest cave to hide in until it is all over.

Me, my sister and Mum 1980's
This is how I felt, every year after my Mum passed away, until, I had my own children. It brings all the wonder and joy back into the day & this year my 2.5 year old {Little Miss L} gave me a beautiful poem & artwork which made me cry a little.... In a good way! ( thank you so much to the carers that organise this, it is very much appreciated!) I got to spend the day with my beautiful children, my partner & my WONDERFUL Mother in Law. I had a little teary the night before Mother's Day ( last night) but made it through the whole day I day with only happy thoughts & memories of my Mum. And a little bit of guilt that I didn't pay more attention or spoil her more on Mothers Day!

Little Miss L giving my Mother in Law her pressie that we made for her.
My Little Charlie and Me

The culprit for bringing a tear to my eye