Wednesday, 24 April 2013

123 Magic

I am currently on the second week into a 3 week parenting course called 1,2,3 Magic. Admittedly, when my local community centre called ( yes they called me, they are amazing) and asked if I'd like to join the next course, I had never heard of it. But it was being run on my day off and they offered FREE child care (yes this place is seriously amazing! ) so I jumped at the chance. I have been looking for some kind of parenting course for about 2 years and was surprised that I kept coming up with dead-ends. I was shocked that there were not really any on offer in Hobart. As my daughter became a toddler I really felt I needed the systems in place for effecting discipline & I didn't naturally know what to do, so this course is perfect! So far it has been great & I am looking forward to pulling it all together next week. Have you ever been at the supermarket & heard a parent start with the " That's one...." Warning? Well this is it! Has anyone heard of this or completed the course? I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how you go putting this into practice :-)