Monday, 15 July 2013

Conversations with my 2 year old

I am so excited to discover a hilarious series on youtube called " Conversations with my 2 year old". If you have a toddler, please watch. You will be glad you did.  It is a simple and hilarious insight into the potential terrorist that lives within your home. The concept was created by the Dad, Matthew Clarke, whom appears as himself in the films. His daughter Coco is played by a full grown man, which just adds to the humor. Look for the little touches like the cute little bow in his hair!  The films are very clever and reassuring to know that there are other people that experience the two year old's pain.  My favorite episodes so far are 1 and 6 (nobody wants to wear pants!).You can watch them here and here. I am writing this as my 2 year old screams from her bedroom that she has a sore throat, needs a wee, is thirsty, the wind is scary, just one more story...all to avoid going to bed. I would do anything to be able to go to bed right now!

What conversations do you have with your two year old?

You can also check out their facebook page here

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