Saturday, 8 June 2013

Creating my studio

I've been driving myself insane trying to work out better ways to utilise the space we have in our tiny house. Two adults, 2 kids, a handmade business & only 2 bedrooms, makes for a very tight fit! We do have a garage and storage room under the house & today I have claimed the storage room to myself. It is going to be transformed into the {Lily & Charlie} studio & I am SO excited!
I spent today dragging all of our ' stored' items out and in doing so I found 2 unopened tins of white paint! What luck! I spent the rest of the day painting the white undercoat on the roof. Monday will be the second coat and furnishing.

Im not much of a renovator & Im doing it on my own, so it will be basic. But it will be mine! I will be able to start a project without having to pack it up every time I walk away to prevent any little hands getting in. Oh the luxury. Where do you craft, sew, paint or make?

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